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Cloud Hosting Services

Cloud for agility, flexibility and scalability and is enabling businesses of all sizes to achieve operational efficiencies and save costs on numerous processes.

DevRabbit is committed to delivering tailored, scalable and secure cloud solutions, a one-stop shop for all your cloud computing needs, eliminating the hassle of upgrading or maintaining hardware and software.

Cloud Based Services we are offering is

  • Cloud Strategy and Consulting
  • IaaS / PaaS Cloud Application Services
  • Cloud Management Services
  • Cloud Monitoring & Support
  • Our cloud technology partners are

    Our Cloud Solutions approach
    • Recommend the best cloud hosting solutions strategy for your business requirements —hosted cloud (public cloud), in your own data center (private cloud), or a combination of both.
    • Build your application solutions in the cloud type that fits
    • Create a cloud-based supporting infrastructure, including private app store, database, media storage, auto-scaling capability, and security.

    Here are the steps for migrating existing product or building new cloud application with cloud service providers company DevRabbit.