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Salesforce Implementation & Consulting

Your Trusted Salesforce Partner Implementation and Consulting Services Users can customize the Salesforce solution suite for individual business needs. Enterprises require an implementation that makes the Salesforce spectrum work for their business. Also, having a streamlined strategy to decide the features and execute workflows leads to significant time, cost, and effort savings. This is where your business requires an IT solutions partner with the deep-rooted technical expertise of the Salesforce platform. At DevRabbit, we take care of your personalized Salesforce implementation and consulting requirements. We chart out the optimum plan post a rigorous due diligence phase that enables you to achieve your business objectives seamlessly. From module installations to imparting comprehensive employee training sessions, we ensure that you reap maximum benefits from your Salesforce partnership.

Why leverage DevRabbit’s Salesforce services?

  • Futureproof Your Business via Process Automation. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Technology is growing at scale, thanks to the unprecedented efficiency in making your business operations lean and fast. At DevRabbit, we help automation blend into your business DNA, from sales and marketing to customer services. We go well beyond the “One Size Fits All” mechanism by customizing the process automation modules of Salesforce. The functionalities are custom-coded and made user-friendly, so your personnel can easily upskill and elevate productivity like never before.
  • Solutions Tailored to make End User’s life Simple . Sales and Marketing consultants and managers are not always the most tech-savvy crowd in an organization. We fully empathize with this situation and channel our efforts into making the User Experience visually rich and guided. We possess the prowess to upgrade the default Salesforce modules' GUI. Their usage will feel like a walk in the park for the typical sales agent. The intuitive nature of the UI provides significant time and effort reductions to learn and implement.
  • Structured Delivery Matching Your Business Priorities . Every project has an individual delivery scope and client expectations. We fully incorporate this aspect into our solution deliveries, so your expenses are well controlled. Our analysts identify your top priorities and deliver them first. The additional deliverables are rolled out subsequently as per the project timelines. This structured approach is beneficial in the case of large implementations that require a phased delivery mode. The best part is that your personnel can start using the initial implementations without waiting for the full delivery to complete. Your business continuity and client satisfaction are our top priorities.

DevRabbit’s Bespoke Salesforce Cloud Services

Commerce Cloud

Cloud service that provides unmatched online shopping performance for retailers. Lead the E-Commerce race by providing your customers a personalized shopping journey via our Salesforce Commerce Cloud implementations.

A SaaS e-Commerce Solution that brings Customer-centric Commerce

As Salesforce Consulting Partners, DevRabbit empowers your business with the platform’s robust capabilities. By integrating the world’s leading commerce cloud platform with advanced CMS and DAM capabilities, Salesforce Commerce cloud ensures business and growth in revenue with a completely connected digital customer journey.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud is an e-commerce platform used by mid to large-scale businesses. With Salesforce Commerce Cloud, you can have a truly unified commerce experience from discovery to delivery.

For several years, DevRabbit Global Services has successfully implemented eCommerce solutions for small to enterprise clients. To prominent clients to our credit, we are proud to have launched businesses on the digital platform. Over the years, we’ve helped businesses migrate from legacy eCommerce platforms to Salesforce Commerce Cloud. DevRabbit with an expert team has enabled several customers' businesses to unlock the power of digital commerce and engage their customers leading to market expansion. Our offerings include eCommerce Strategy and Consulting, Migrations, Integrations, Commerce Cloud Managed Services, Project Management, and Predictive Intelligence. We help our clients leverage the breadth of the Commerce cloud platform that creates value for their businesses by

  • Personalising engagement, Unify data, and interaction, and growing revenue across channels with automation and AI
  • Connecting commerce to the customer journey by driving loyalty with a seamless customer journey from marketing to sales, commerce, fulfilment, service, and beyond.
  • Adapting quickly with an agile, scalable, and secure platform

Service Cloud

Leverage AI-powered workflows and automation to delight your pool of valued customers. Our implementations ensure that your customers receive top-quality Salesforce support service across every touchpoint.

Amplifying Business Growth with top-notch CRM

An engaging customer experience is a lifeline for businesses. Independent of the device they use, customers expect an interactive, personalized service. It is necessary to respond quickly and with ease when customers connect with your service agents. Integrating the Salesforce Service cloud ensures agents and customers connect seamlessly on a single platform.

DevRabbit leverages the world’s service platform #1 by customizing it to clients' businesses to meet the needs of their customers. While implementing Salesforce Service Cloud, we work with clients to understand their business needs, then we tailor the Service Cloud implementation to streamline every process thereby paving the way to save time and effort, and customers benefitting from referral-earning, repeat-business powered by effective customer service!

With our customized Service Cloud solutions, clients' businesses can track customer footprints, engage with customers immediately and manage dashboards. Service staff gets access to a whole bunch of productivity tools. With Client's business as key importance, DevRabbit develops a tailored experience using Service Cloud.

By implementing the Salesforce Service Cloud, Clients can

  • Boost customer loyalty through AI-powered workflows and automation. Provide connected personalized service across every touchpoint.
  • Strengthen customer relationships by adding that personal touch with help from Service Cloud by Supporting customer interactions on any channel, Automate business processes with intelligent workflows, Uplevel call centre management with smart productivity tools, Get shared, actionable insight into every customer interaction, Drive revenue and upsell easier with the power of AI, Plus, with the clarity of Customer 360, you can break down silos and get the inside scoop into every single customer interaction from the first click-through, last purchase, and beyond.
  • Foster deeper connections with digital service by engaging with customers on their favourite channels, putting all digital interactions in one place, serving customers faster with automated workflows, scaling support with AI-powered chatbots and providing customer support instantly with self-service options, and helping customers by connecting them to knowledge articles, account information, and the right community members.

Marketing Cloud

Devrabbit's Marketing Cloud implementations provide your customers with a seamless and personalized experience leveraging DevRabbit’s extensive expertise.

Improving Marketing Outcomes by delivering a personalized experience

DevRabbit’s expert team elevates marketing effectiveness, accelerates ROI, and generates high-quality sales-ready leads for clients' businesses using Salesforce Marketing Cloud. DevRabbit unifies client’s business systems, integrating them with Marketing Cloud by creating a unified 360-degree view of their customers. By incorporating these data systems, DevRabbit increases the effectiveness of Salesforce’s built-in Einstein AI to discover new segments, gain new insights, identify the likeliest consumers to engage, and predictive power recommendations — all automatically.

Using comprehensive digital salesforce marketing automation and analytics services, we can help you drive customer success through demand generations. Salesforce Marketing Cloud Integration empowers clients' businesses to make critical sales and marketing decisions. DevRabbit has the experience and expertise to streamline customer interaction and nurture them by capitalizing on the Marketing cloud’s capabilities. Our Salesforce Marketing Cloud Implementation services not only help you gain valuable information about your customers but also help in delivering effective brand experiences across channels to boost sales.

Procuring marketing software is just one step towards successful marketing automation. The key lies in expert guidance, and participation all through the process, right from choosing the appropriate product to Strategy, Planning, Implementation, and Ongoing Support.

With Salesforce Marketing Cloud Clients can

  • Build customer relationships for life with data-first digital marketing.
  • Cover all your digital marketing needs like enterprise-level email, marketing automation, digital advertising, data management, analytics, etc.
  • Bring in customer-centric marketing through inspiring action and loyalty by humanizing every moment, for each customer. Power every interaction with AI from ad to account-based marketing, email to eCommerce, social to service, and more.
  • Get a 360-degree view of every customer viz., know your customers and engage them in new ways with relevant messaging by connecting all your data
  • Use a fast, flexible, and scalable platform.
  • Move at the speed of your customer with real-time insights and optimize performance with actionable analytics.
  • Better understand and act on your customer data with Marketing Cloud Customer Data Platform.