Services Salesforce Revenue Cloud Implementation

Salesforce Revenue Cloud Implementation

As Salesforce Consulting Partners, DevRabbit empowers your business with the platform’s robust capabilities. By integrating the world’s leading Revenue Cloud Platform ensures business and growth in revenue with the entire lifecycle of revenue management, subscriptions, billing with an emphasis on CPQ.

Revenue Cloud is an end-to-end revenue management solution that helps businesses streamline their entire revenue lifecycle, leveraging the power of the Customer 360 Platform.

Revenue Cloud can help your business.

Revenue Cloud essentially helps businesses with CPQ - Configure.Price.Quote. With CPQ, sales team can spend more time selling vy helping you quickly close more deals by allowing you to configure product combinations for each of your customers, give your sales reps more flexibility with quoting and then streamline the approval process.

How can Salesforce CPQ help my business?

  • Make direct sales faster
  • Speed up sales cycles by giving reps a clear path to creating accurate quotes. It's easier than ever with step-by-step guided selling.
  • Grow and nurture your customer base
  • Upsell and cross-sell more. Empower your team with seamless contract amendments for add-ons, swaps, and upgrades.
  • Drive growth with recurring revenue
  • How do you drive more growth and predictable revenue? Introduce new business models like usage and consumption, subscription, and milestone-based offerings.

Billing : The Billing feature of Salesforce Revenue Cloud automates and unify billing, payment, and collections. This Speeds up cash collection with an automated recurring billing engine. This engine supports any charge type, sales order, or payment schedule with ease.

How does Billing feature help? :

  • Consolidate Invoicing - Make use of the data created during the quoting process to simplify billing and ensure accuracy.
  • Flexible Payment Terms - Extend flexibility in payment to your customers for an increased goodwill with time, usage, and milestone-based payment schedule options.
  • Flexible Payment Types - Give your customers the options to pay how they want. Credit card, ACH, and more — the possibilities are endless with connected gateways from AppExchange.

Subscription Management: : When driving a more efficient growth is a key to business, the subscription management features of Revenue Cloud enables customers buy on their own, across any channel, with any monetization model.

How does Subscription Management help businesses? :

  • New revenue streams - Activate monetization models like one-time or subscription products.
  • Flexible buying - Let customers buy anytime, across any channel.
  • Loyal customers - Empower customers to buy, upgrade, and renew on their terms with self-service.