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Enterprise Marketing

Enterprise marketing software can deliver sign, personalized experiences across channels to increase customer engagement, satisfaction and sales.

Channel marketing solutions help attract new customers and delight existing customers with personalized, multichannel experiences.

Use these marketing solutions to manage individual customer preferences across channels and to design, execute and measure customer-driven communication strategies. The marketing automation services help you:

  • Build a contextual, ongoing dialogue with customers and prospects using a full interaction history with response data.
  • Manage your campaign’s logic and building blocks for audience segmentation, exclusions and offer and channel assignments.
  • Coordinate omni-channel inbound and outbound marketing efforts and unite your marketing team in a single collaborative environment.

Marketing Automation Solutions

At DevRabbit, we leverage various marketing products and provide marketing automation services in enterprise marketing to our clients. The products we work with

IBM omni-channel (Unica Software)

  • IBM® Campaign – Deliver personalized, relevant marketing messages across touch points.
  • IBM Interact – Determine the right message to present in inbound marketing channels.
  • IBM Contact Optimization – Determine the optimal contact strategy over time for your customers.
  • IBM Marketing Operations – Align resources, streamline production processes, track budgets and expenses, and improve team collaboration.
  • IBM Opportunity Detect – Improve cross-sell and retention by understanding customer behavior over time.
  • IBM Mobile Push Notification – Provide mobile app marketing for creating notification campaigns that engage mobile app users at the optimal time and place.

Create 1-to-1 Relationships with Scalable Email marketing automation Solutions. Email marketing produces the highest ROI among methods of digital marketing for businesses. With salesforce marketing cloud, create 1-to-1 journeys with email, mobile, social, web experiences, and advertising.

Product features are
  • Create scalable and personalized email marketing campaigns based on data with Email Automation.
  • Design 1-to-1 customer experiences across all channels with Journey Builder.
  • Automatically deliver personalized offers with Predictive Intelligence.
  • Make the most of your data with customized reports and filtering tools with the Customer Data Platform.

Oracle Marketing Cloud (Responsys)

With Oracle Responsys, Orchestrate a Consistent, Relevant Cross-Channel Experience for Consumers.

Oracle’s Cross-Channel Marketing solution, Oracle Responsys, empowers marketers to deliver more relevant, real-time interactions for consumers across email, mobile, display, social, and web experiences. Program Orchestration offers a centralized canvas to coordinate personalized interactions with a powerful, point-and-click interface that helps marketers adapt—not just respond—to customer behavior.

Know, Reach, Convert, Engage

SDL Customer Experience Cloud is an integrated technology solution that enables companies to engage customers across the entire journey – from marketing to sales and service.

SDL brings your brand to the world, and the world to your brand. TECHNOLOGY TO TRANSFORM GLOBAL CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE

Exceptional customer experiences span marketing, sales and service, to deliver the right information, in the right context, at the right time. SDL Customer Experience Cloud is an integrated software technology that bridges traditional siloes and enables companies to deliver great experiences across channels, devices and languages.

  • Leverage a single integrated software solution to manage global brands, websites and languages.
  • Drive meaningful customer interactions with the right experience in the right context and language, at the right time.
  • Demonstrate real value while converting global prospects into enthusiastic customer advocates.