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Business Assurance Services

Traditional QA services have proved inadequate in addressing today’s business needs. DevRabbit’s Business Assurance practice addresses this inadequacy by focusing on the Business Assurance and trained and experienced Business Assurance Consultants, Processes and Proprietary and 3rd Party tools aimed at providing Business Assurance. Objective of our Business Assurance practice is to ensure your QA organization is highly efficient and effective in delivering testing and test automation services to its customers. Our 150 plus high-performance team delivering testing services for the last 10+ years across various domains, technologies and platforms.

We offer the following core Business Assurance Services:

Business Assurance Wellness Check

Our test advisory consultants will assess your testing process, tools and people to determine efficiency and effectiveness of your QA Organization.

What we do?

We organize in-person and remote interviews with your QA team and management to collect data on key testing and DevOps and analyze it to determine maturity of your QA organization.

How we do?

Our cloud based Wellness check tool can help you to do self-Wellness check or our consultants complete the process through interviews and a real time snap shot of the Wellness check which can be seen on the tool.

  • Key Deliverables for Current State Analysis
    1. Interview schedule
    2. Interview inventory
    3. Session summaries
    4. Current state Wellness check
    5. Current state Wellness check presentation
  • Key Deliverables for Future State Gap Analysis
    1. Detailed document on gaps
    2. Future state org structure
    3. Future state architecture diagram
    4. Future state Wellness check presentation
  • Key Deliverables for the Roadmap
    1. Short-term recommendation (60/90/120-day plan)
    2. Long-term strategy Recommendation (12-month plan)
    3. Detailed Wellness check findings by area of interest
    4. Roadmap presentation
    5. Executive presentation
  • Understand areas of improvement in QA process
  • Higher quality at lower cost upon implementation of roadmap
  • Prepare the organization to migrate to DevOps culture

Business Assurance Validation

We ensure IT investments by your Business is getting expected ROI.

What we do?

We will certify your software products/applications against the benefits identified in your business case, in addition to technology and solution completeness.

How we do?

For each of your IT initiatives our Business Assurance Analysts work closely with your end user community along with your design and development teams to comprehensively identify

  • Business outcomes
  • Business Rules
  • Technology implemented
  • Data quality and value requirements
  • Key Deliverables for Current State Analysis
  • Business Assurance Strategy
  • Business Assurance Project Plan
  • Business Assurance Execution Tracker
  • Business Assurance Reporting
  • Superior customer experience
  • Higher employee productivity and efficiency
  • Higher defect removal effectiveness
  • Reduce Time to market

Business Assurance Test Life Cycle Automation

We automate key business assurance life cycle activities to increase efficiency and effectiveness of your QA organization. We help to transition your team to next generation Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence based test automation.

What we do?

Our Business Assurance Foundation helps us to automate key life cycle activities across different platforms, technologies, devices and browsers using both open source and third-party test automation and data management tools. Key activities include Test Environment, Impact Analysis, Strategy, Running Tests, Validation of Tests and Automatic Lessons Learned for continuous improvements.

How we do?

We assess development methodology, technology and application landscape, and identify key value streams which are delivering final products to the customer. For each value stream, we determine most important activities which are creating technical debt from testing perspective and automate those activities using our business assurance automation foundation, open source and third-party tools to ensure complete coverage.

  • A reusable automation foundation
  • Automated strategy for test environment creation and virtualization
  • Automation scripts for test data mining
  • Automation scripts for business assurance validation for Mobile, APIs, Micro services, browsers and other front-end interfaces
  • Automated real-time feedback mechanism from operations for continuous improvements
  • Role based real-time alerts to make informed decisions
  • Greater than 98% defect removal effectiveness
  • 25% reduction of total cost of ownership
  • DevOps ready organization
  • Institutionalize the knowledge