1So what does DevRabbit do?

Founded in 2016, DevRabbit provides leading design and development services for Mobile Apps. We help small companies, medium companies, large companies, huge companies, and individual entrepreneurs realize their ideas for Mobile Apps and get them to the market quickly and efficiently.

Our capabilities include:
  • All major mobile platforms – iOS (iPhone & iPad), Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone
  • Native apps, Web apps, and Hybrids (Sencha, JQMobile, JQTouch, PhoneGap)
  • Back-end development or integration with existing web services
  • Location/GPS detection and geo-coding, including check-ins and geo-fencing
  • Social/Business networks integration such as Facebook, Twitter, Salesforce, Google+
  • Augmented reality through camera overlays and bar code/QR code scanning
  • Image Recognition and Barcode scanning
  • Accelerometer driven user input
  • Credit Card payment hardware integration
  • Video & Audio Streaming
  • Peer-To-Peer Bluetooth communication
  • Application usage analytics integration
  • Ad serving integration and custom implementations
  • Application publication through platform stores or Enterprise deployment
2 Do I need to work with a professional app development company?

You will encounter a wide variety of app development rates and prices points during your investigation. When hiring an app development company, Price is not THE ONLY Criteria. professional app development company will bring in more than just development. They will contribute and enrich your business requirements to make best.

3How much does it cost to build an App?

In the past two years, the app market has exploded. In under 9 months the Apple store reported over a billion downloads, and then doubled that number in half the time. The app craze has spread to Android, Blackberry, and every other mobile market under the sun. App cost will determine type of app, complexity of the app and number of features or functions etc.

We can build simple app as little as $5000.

For Database driven dynamic app (native) may need budget range of $8000- $25,000.

Games can be $8000- $50,000 range depending on game levels and complexity.

4 How long does it take to have an app developed?

Typical app will take 6-8 weeks. Based on complexity it may stretch to 6 months.

5 Would you be willing to sign a Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement?

YES, we value our client’s web and mobile app idea and opprotunity potential. We will sign NDA before we discuss the project concept or idea.

6 Do you help get the app submitted to the Apple/Android Stores?

YES, we will take extended responsibility and support of App store submission and approval process at free of cost.

7 Who owns the app once completed?

Obviously Investor (Our client). In this case, our esteem client has full rights on the app once it is completed and paid in FULL.

8 What is your process on working on a project?
  1. Proposal
  2. Work order & Sign off
  3. Requirements formalization
  4. Development
  5. Alpha & Beta Testing
  6. Go Live
9 What is your service guarantee?

We will give 4-8 weeks of post implementation duration as service guarantee for all of our clients. Within that period, we will do rework and fix all post live issues to make the app or product meet the market needs. Any out of scope work will charged hourly basis.

10 I want to hire DevRabbit, how do we get started?

Congratulations for correct choice. Call us +1 650-352-8686. We will drive from there. Contact us now.

11 Once my app is developed what services do you provide for bug fixes, updates, etc?

We will provide support and enhancements in flexible support packages like 80 hours, 100 hours, 120 hours and 160 hours packages per month. This gives client to ramp up or down based their business needs.