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Every consumer is unique. Treat them that way.

The retail industry is at an inflection point, both from a business model and customer engagement perspective. Retailers around the world now realize that sustainable competitive advantage will be gained only by a deep understanding of consumer demands and comprehensive supply chain planning and execution workflows.

How we add Value to your Business

  • Improve Retail operations by streamlining and automating front-end capabilities in real-time with back-end processes.
  • Grow Sales by empowering sales associates with tools and information to build stronger customer relationships and sell more product.
  • Deliver Seamless Cross-Channel Functionality such as buy online/pickup in store, buy online/return to store and order in store/fulfill from anywhere.

Our Service Offerings for Retail industry

  • Software Development and Support Services
  • Business data Intelligence reporting & dashboards
  • Mobility solutions for retail and consumer services.
  • Performance solutions
  • System customization and integration services.
  • We provide Robust and Scalable solutions on ecommerce platforms like Magento, Shopify etc..

Inventory Management

One of the most prominent and important requirement for a retail business is to track the inventory in their Retail. It helps the Retail owner to be proactive and fulfil need of their customer. Some of the details which Inventory Management helps you to track are:

  • In-Hand Stock/ Product/ Inventory
  • Out of stock/ Product/ Inventory
  • Damage Product
  • Defining threshold limits
  • Unit measuring Inventory

Reporting and Analytics

Data is the greatest asset in today’s business. A well processed data provides you great insight about your business which can be viewed and acknowledged via Business Reports. These reports are more useful when they get populated real time and provides you the real-time dashboards which gives a business owner a quick overview of its business and day to day activity. Some of these reports are:

  • A real-time business Dashboard
  • Master Reports, covering all the major aspects of day to day business
  • Sales Report, focused on numbers achieved in a day, week, month or an year
  • One Touch Reports, a quick peak into your daily business via instant printed reports
  • Not only good reporting, we also use advanced data analytical techniques to predict the future trends. It helps the businesses in preparedness for expected future business trends.
  • We use simple and yet powerful tools to do Dynamic Tag Management (DTM), data analytics and reporting. Provide dashboards for quick glance of the over all business trends.
  • With our in depth retail domain expertise, we inspect each parameter of a retail business over a period of time, make inferences and project the future business needs / actions to be taken. We use Adobe DTM and Adobe Launch to analyze the business primitives.

Data Security

With growing digitalization of retail businesses each, ‘Data Security’ is one of the key concerns that need priority attention. DevRabbit enforces a multi-layered approach to ensure data security.

DevSecOps – Secure development and operations, Data Privacy, Data Integrity, Data Availability (DB uptime) and Data Encryption.

Cloud Services

Cloud-based Retail Software solutions are different from traditional systems largely because user data, including sales and inventory, are not stored locally, but in a remote server. The Retail solution is also not run locally, so there is no installation required.

Depending on the terms of contract, compared to traditional on-premises Software installation, the software is more likely to be continually updated with more useful features and better performance in terms of computer resources at the remote server and in terms of lesser bugs and errors. Other advantages of a cloud-based Solution are instant centralization of data (important especially to chain stores), ability to access data from anywhere there is internet connection, and lower start-up costs.

Technology Partners

Microsoft provides POS and retail management for individual and chain stores through its Dynamics product line.

Authorise.Net, a Cybersource Solution

Provides the payment gateway integration for POS and Mobile POS

  • Any third party POS providers