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The Healthcare is a very complex industry. Improving the quality of care, and reducing the cost of care – is the imperative in today’s healthcare industry. The pressure on the industry only grows as the new drugs and surgeries are developed. There are many challenges involved like regulatory and legal compliance, to offer customized services to customers, giving out the accurate and error-less information within the right time.

Challenges & Opportunities

With tech consulting , IT solutions and strategies that accelerate the transition, enterprises can make their journey smoother while reducing risk, cost and effort. Fierce competition and evolving markets have paved the way for customer-centric business models. With an increased demand for personalized products and services along with the increased product and pricing transparency, the companies have to go extra miles to get close to customers, optimize processes, lower costs and function efficiently. Going patient-centric will require greater IT integration to enable seamless communication and interaction between patients and providers.

With the adaptation of the ‘Prevention is better than Cure’ methodology, consumers are investing in wellness and seeking healthy lifestyles. To capitalize on this, insurers and providers are offering programs that support wellness, prevention, and early detection.

How we add Value to your Business

We have ample experience in the Healthcare sector. We come with immense expertise in tech consulting, web and mobile technology and solutions. We deliver solutions that address industry challenges at best prices. We deliver best business values like transformation, innovation and efficiency.

DevRabbit has significant experience in helping ISVs providing healthcare technology services to Pharma, Medicare, Payers, Public Health and other healthcare segments. Our knowledge and experience of healthcare regulations and standards such as Meaningful Use Certification, HIPAA (covers confidentiality and security), HL7 (interoperability standard) and ICD is reflected in the delivery of high quality and robust healthcare systems we have built.

We put into effect our domain expertise in mHealth and Electronic Health Record (EHR) landscape to develop healthcare systems like Personal Health Information (PHR) & Wellness Management, Compliance Management, Payroll & Enrollment, Revenue & Claims and Prescription Drug Event Management. In addition to this, we also help our partners with benefits plan publishing and benefit calculators.

We realize that healthcare needs are very specific; making us deliver high performance customized solutions to meet your requirements. Our knowledge in core clinical functions like Admission, Discharge, Transfer (ADT) and Computer based Patient Record (CPR) systems has enabled our partners to provide timely and accurate patient information with efficient use of scarce resources.

Our Tech Consulting, IT Service Offerings for healthcare cover:

  • Member Enrollment, Claim Processing, Wellness
  • ePrescriptions and Management of Healthcare Provider Information
  • Compliance and Business Rule Management
  • UI/ UX Enhancements
  • Data Migration/ Cloud Migration Solutions
  • Testing and Test Automation -Compliance testing including standards such as HIPAA and ICD (9 and 10)
  • SaaS based Electronic Health Record (EHR)
  • Advanced analytics System implementations for healthcare organizations
Mobility Solutions
  • Development, Performance, Security and Maintenance of mobile apps for physicians and patients
  • Integration of Standards for secure exchange of healthcare data (CCDA, CCR and C32)
  • Strategy Consultations and proprietary methodologies to achieve sustainable results