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The B2C industry is a highly competitive market with demands always rising high for efficient IT, marketing solutions and low prices. Consumers don’t have to wait for anything today. The Challenges and Opportunities are continuously emerging with the players constantly striving to outperform each other. Enterprises can certainly be successful with better, faster and leaner systems. The consumers’ spending power has increased by many folds and the retailers can stay ahead in this cut throat markets by gearing up themselves on the digital front.

Challenges & Opportunities

Confidence is built based on reachability and transparency. The consumers’ trust, confidence and conviction are the factors of success for online shopping. All the platforms providing information to the consumers like the retail store, website and catalogues must be closely aligned and monitored for maximum impact and hence, the sales.

Consumers around the world are ready to use mobile devices to shop, compare and transact on the web or in stores. Market research indicates that nearly 70% of consumers across the globe always have their mobile devices with them while they are in a store — which they use to consult family and friends about their purchase. This gives retailers an unprecedented opportunity to make an impact on the consumers at their so-called ‘moment of truth’.

Today’s consumer has access to information at a click – about product assortment, pricing, quality and everything else there is to know. Given the scenario, companies can create more wallet-share by reaching out across digital channels — mobiles, interactive TVs, social communities. In-store technology like smart kiosks and digital signage hold immense potential to observe and influence shopping behavior. With traditional media failing to deliver the impact it once did, mastering “group” coupons and social channels in addition to email and search ads rounds out a retail strategy to maximize today’s “convergence of opportunities”.

How we add Value to your Business

With our immense knowledge and hands-on experience along with the technology and delivery capabilities, we help companies achieve their business targets, optimize business processes and improve margins. We have provided marketing solutions across different segments in B2C industry and we are adding in more segments to our clients list on a very fast pace.

Our Tech Consulting and Marketing Automation Service Offerings for consumer industry cover: